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Programs & Services

Discover our diverse range of programs and services tailored to meet your needs and aspirations.

Our Programs

Our diverse range of programs is at the heart of our commitment to transform lives and uplift communities. With a focus on promoting positive social engagement and extending financial assistance, our programs target crucial areas such as financial well-being, mental and emotional health, and spiritual growth. Through these initiatives, we empower local businesses, revitalize neighborhoods, and support emerging artists and entrepreneurs, all in pursuit of a more vibrant and resilient Baton Rouge.

How Can We Help

Welcome to our array of services designed with you in mind! Take a journey through our service catalog to find the perfect solution for your needs, and let us be your trusted partner in achieving your goals. Explore the possibilities, and discover how we can make a positive impact in your life today.

Community Engagement

Our community engagement programs are the cornerstone of our commitment to creating a stronger, more connected, and more vibrant community for all.

Presence Fest

Join us for Presence Fest, a two-day extravaganza featuring an inspiring artist talk and dinner, followed by a soul-lifting praise and worship night, where we come together to celebrate the arts and spirituality in our community.

Program Curation

Immerse yourself in transformative experiences with our program which offers a diverse range of engaging activities, from cultural exhibitions to interactive workshops.

Grab & Go

Our Grab and Go program offers convenient access to essential resources, ensuring that individuals and families in our community can easily obtain the support they need.

Community Enhancement Program

Our Community Enhancement Program is designed to transform our local neighborhoods, contributing to the revitalization and enhancement of our community's physical environment.

Financial Assistances

Discover our Financial Assistance program, provides essential support to individuals and organizations in need, fostering financial stability, and promoting positive social engagement in our community.

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