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Ashli Ognelodh

Ashli Ognelodh is a dedicated full-time visual artist and muralist, driven by a passion for bringing art to life. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Arts from Georgia State University, Ashli's journey through the art world has been marked by various impactful roles. Notably, she has served as a project manager for Future Fair in New York, showcasing her expertise in managing art projects.

With a keen eye for detail and logistics, Ashli has also contributed as an Operations and Logistics Manager for Prizm Art Fair. Her commitment to the arts extends to program coordination, having worked as the Program Coordinator for the Arts Council of Baton Rouge.

Ashli's artistry shines through her role as a Mural Arts Coordinator and Artist in Residence at The Walls Project, where her creative spirit comes to life on walls. Her work has left an indelible mark on various prominent spaces, including the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, Atlanta City Hall, and the Atlanta Jazz Festival.

Her artistic prowess has garnered recognition and exposure, with features in publications like Heart and Soul Magazine, She Is Magazine, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Voyage Magazine. Beyond the pages, Ashli's vibrant murals have left their mark in diverse locations, from Jamaica and New York to Atlanta and Louisiana.

Ashli Ognelodh's dedication to the world of art has not only transformed spaces but also touched the hearts of those who have encountered her mesmerizing creations.

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